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Chaos to Calm

"End Your Day With Calm" Box

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It’s hard to relax with the day’s stresses still lingering. This box has the power to dissolve tension and prepare you for a solid slumber.

Imagine this:

Day before you get your box:
The kids are finally in bed, and you pour a giant glass of wine which makes you part loopy and part anxious. You stay up scrolling your phone feeling inept and behind. Your mind races with the tasks you didn’t complete and the impossibility of completing tomorrow’s.

Days after you get your “End Your Day With Calm” box:
After tucking the kids in (finally!), you brew a delicious nightcap tea in your beautiful tumbler that keeps your tea warm. You feel the tension slip away from your body as you take gentle sips and inhale your calming candle. In the glow of its light, you grab your favorite book or throw on a meditation to guide you into slumber.


Chaos to Calm 20oz Tumbler
Reusable Rainbow Metallic Straw
“Nightcap” Tea by INA Botanicals and Tea
Tea Infuser Tool
Orchid + Ash Candle 7.2oz (Sandalwood + Cypress Orange + Mint)
Gold Metallic Heart Matchbox, 20+ matches

FREE: Chaos to Calm Tote Bag


Why I love it:

If there was ever a time to use calm tools, evening is it. We mamas work so hard, and these are my favorite nighttime rituals and products that get me set up for solid zzz’s. I love how the tea melts my body in combination with smelling the nerve-soothing scent of the vegan and cruelty-free Orchid + Ash candle. Sweet dreams!