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Chaos to Calm

Keep Calm and Holiday On Box (Exclusive - Limited Time!)

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 Imagine this:

Day before you get your box:
Your alarm goes off and the first thing you think of is, “Oh crap, I only have X amount of days until this or that holiday task or event.” Before you know it, your mind is swirling with, “I just can’t get it all done.” You spend your day trying to online shop on work breaks, sweating every time a family member texts you what you should bring to dinners, who is coming, who isn’t and who invited themselves, etc...

Days after you get your “Keep Calm and Holiday On” box:
You wake up and rub serenity calming balm on your neck and wrists to get the day started right. Throughout the day, you keep the calm flowing by rolling on your essential oil (it fits in your pocket and can be taken everywhere!). Bonus: This will have a calming effect on those stressed out shoppers around you, too! Before a particularly chaotic or stressful moment, you take a CBD gummy. End your day with a delightful Himalayan sea salt bath and nightcap tea (and some more balm) to soothe your way into slumber. Oh what a day...


CBD gummies by Molly J
Sweet Serenity Lavender Balm by SRC Botanicals
Himalayan Salt Bath Bomb by Buttery Bath Co
“Own Your Calm” Essential Oil Roller (Clary Sage + Lemon + Sandalwood)*
“Nightcap” Tea by INA Botanicals and Tea
Tea Infuser


*I collaborated with essential oil expert Ellie Dominguez of @elliesessentialblends to create a special blend just for you, me and us, for calm. This portable essential oil roller (sourced from India) has the incredibly grounding and calming scents of clary sage, lemon & sandalwood.


Why I love it: 

Everyone gets stressed out during the holidays, so I love this box of products for keeping me centered, calm and focused on the “reasons behind the season.” Which for me is to spend quality time and connect with family and friends. This is the perfect gift for any mama, host or person needing some extra calm.