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  • Tumbler and Straw
  • Straw
  • Oil Roller
  • Heart Crystal
  • Journal and Pen
  • Totebag
  • Kickstarter Kit
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Chaos to Calm

"Kickstart Your Calm" Box

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You’ve been stressed out long enough! The “Kickstart Your Calm” box includes everything you need to own your calm, starting right now.

Imagine this:

Day before you get your box:
Wake up grumpy and rush out the door, spend $7 on a Starbucks they get wrong. Put out one fire after another all day, feeling on edge and like you can barely take it anymore. Stay awake stressing with insomnia.

Days after you get your “Kickstart Your Calm” box:
Wake up and hold your aventurine heart crystal to your chest to activate grounding and inner peace. Brew your favorite coffee, tea or morning elixir in your inspirational tumbler and fill it with ice water after, nourishing your body from your rainbow eco-friendly straw. Roll on your perfume which doubles as calming aromatherapy for you and those around you. Jot down what you’re thankful for (and why!) in your notebook with a pen that makes you feel like a queen. Fall asleep feeling peaceful gratitude.


Chaos to Calm branded 20oz Tumbler
Reusable Rainbow Metallic Straw
“Own Your Calm” Essential Oil Roller (Clary Sage + Lemon + Sandalwood)*
Aventurine Heart Crystal
Chaos to Calm Notebook
Fancy Gem Pen

FREE: Chaos to Calm Tote Bag


*I collaborated with essential oil expert Ellie Dominguez of @elliesessentialblends to create a special blend just for you, me and us, for calm. This portable essential oil roller (sourced from India) has the incredibly grounding and calming scents of clary sage, lemon & sandalwood.


Why I love it:

I love this box for the ease in which the products inside allow you to start owning your calm, immediately. Hydration is extremely important, and I love drinking out of the tumbler for hot and cold beverages. Every product is sourced from a woman-owned business and promotes sustainability and consciousness on top of your spirit.