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Chaos to Calm

Self-Care Box

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Tumbler or Mug

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We know self-care is important, but it’s hard to implement on a regular basis. Nurture your body and spirit with this box. Self-care: Check.

Imagine this:

Day before you get your box:
Wake up on the sixth snooze alarm because you didn’t sleep well. Spend the day hurriedly running from one task to the next, doing all the things at once, and yet nothing just for you. Collapse into bed at midnight wondering when you’ll feel better.

Days after you get your “Self-Care Kit” box:
Wake up and hold your aventurine heart crystal to your chest to activate strong comforting energy. Fill your tumbler with ice water in the morning to nourish your body, and refill it with delicious herbal tea to nourish your mind and body in the afternoon. After the kids go to bed, run a bath with your face mask on while your candle burns and cleanses your spirit. Lay down in bed feeling relaxed while you write down five things you love about yourself in your notebook with a pen that makes you feel like the queen you are. You’ve just self-cared the heck out of your day.


“Own Your Calm” Essential Oil Roller (Clary Sage + Lemon + Sandalwood)*
ESW Raw Face Mask
Sweet Rose Bath Bomb by Buttery Bath Co
Aventurine Heart Crystal
Orchid + Ash Candle 7.2oz (Sandalwood + Cypress Orange + Mint)
Gold Metallic Heart Matchbox, 20+ Matches
Chaos to Calm 20oz Tumbler OR Handmade Mug
Reusable Rainbow Metallic Straw
“Afternoon Reset” Tea by INA Botanicals and Tea
Tea Infuser Tool

FREE: Chaos to Calm Tote Bag

You can choose between a C2C Tumbler or handmade ceramic mug. No 2 mugs are the same as they are each individually handmade.  

* I collaborated with essential oil expert Ellie Dominguez of @elliesessentialblends to create a special blend just for you, me and us, for calm. This portable essential oil roller (sourced from India) has the incredibly grounding and calming scents of clary sage, lemon & sandalwood.


Why I love it:

Nothing else can get done well or with joy if your body and mind are at its breaking point. The scent of this candle and oil roller calms my nervous system as the tumbler reminds me I’ve got this. And so do you. Take care of your body, and it will take care of you - this box makes it easy!